MiltonPetersCollege prepares your child for success!

Milton Peters College is a secondary school located in South Reward takes place. MPC is one of the best schools on the Dutch side of St.Maarten. Mpc is a good school because,
This school for different levels, for example, VWO, HAVO, VSBO, and TSL, PKL and PBL. For Pbl must have 4 years of study and for PKL VSBO same for you also 4 years of study and thus the same for Tkl.In Havo must have 5 years of study and Vwo 6.
Milton Peters College is a Dutch secondary school where Dutch Central Written Exam is taken.
The Milton Peters College is currently the only secondary school that awards a diploma in the Netherlands without being accepted. The diplomas of the other secondary schools on the island must first be evaluated or weighed by Nuffic in The Hague.

We do it by abiding to these simple rules.

  1. We respect each other and follow the instructions of all the staff at the school.

  2. We keep the school nice and clean.

  3. We have no weapons of any kind with us.

  4. We do not smoke at school and we do not use drugs or are under their influence.

  5. We have no mobile phones, cassette players and / or cameras with us.

  6. We wear our uniform every day according to the rules governing them.

  7. We arrive on time in class and stick to the rules that apply to late-coming and absenteeism.

  8. We always have our school supplies with us.

  9. We never go without permission from a local road if the teacher does not show up.

  10. We reside during a free period only in the schoolyard at the canteen.

    By these simple things we could live together in peace.

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